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Bored Dragon Woodworking Founder 


     My name is Bryan Cofer and I am the founder of Bored Dragon Woodworking.  I started woodworking as a hobby back in 2012 as a hobby.  I had very limited tools and experience at the time.  I was always interested in the craft and wanted to get better at it.  So I decided to get a small table saw and a few other tools to get started.  I did not even have a proper garage but still gave it a shot.  After failed attempts and attempts I started seeing progress and continued to pursue the trade more and more.  I started getting better tools and was even gifted a cabinet saw at one point to help with some of the projects.  Once I gathered a bit more confidence I started thinking of things that I could use and enjoy making when I play board games with my friends.  I made a few prototypes to start with, things like dice towers, dice vaults, and boxes to start with.  There had been made out of scrap wood and I even did some resin work with a few of them.  I then got into exotic woods and found out that not all woods are made the same or even react the same to certain machines.  Now fast forward a few years with all the prototypes and knowledge that I gained since then and in April of 2022, I decided to start Bored Dragon Woodworking officially.  Please come and take a look at some of the exciting products that we have to offer and expect a new one to be out soon.  

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Bored Dragon Woodworking 

Bored Dragon Woodworking was started in Washington state by the Cofer family.  We wanted to bring a high-       quality fun product to tabletop gaming.  We enjoy gaming with our friends and family as much as possible and want to share that with you all as well.  We had seen other forms of wood products out there but none with a combination of exotic woods.  You either got one solid color or a small highlight of colors but not a full combination that we provide.  The woods that we currently have to choose from are Purple Heart,  Padauk, Wenge, Cherry, Canary, Ebony, Walnut, and Zebra Wood.  Each one of these is paired with one other as the main color and as an accent color.  For instance, the Fire Dragon sets are all made with Padauk as the main color and Canary wood as the accent giving it a fire-like vibe when seen.  Each named dragon set is paired like this and we hope to continue to create unique patterns that everyone loves.  

Our products first started out with our life/hitpoint counters or score trackers.  Each of these has a magnetic centerpiece that ensures they will always line up in the center window and will not move until you want them to.  These magnets also prevent the wheel from sticking while rotating and will never bind up.  We also hand-paint and seal every circular piece with metallic paints to ensure the highest quality visibility for these products. 


Another introductory product we offered was the 3 tier exotic wood dice towers.  These dice towers were meant to give you an amazing look and sound for those games that required the use of dice.  Every tower just like our counters is combined with two types of wood to ensure a unique look every time you play.  The three wooden slats make an amazing sound no matter what type of dice you use with them.  It also helps keep the dice randomized as it bounces from one platform to another.   Each tower also has a set of wooden colored dice that can be purchased separately with or without the tower of course.  Each dice is a D6 and come in a set of 5 and will match the exotic wood of your choosing.  

Our last starting game accessories were the exotic wood Dragon Grimoires.  The grimoires are adjustable deck boxes for all of your card game needs.  These boxes can be adjusted to hold anywhere from 40+ cards at its smallest setting all the way up to 100+ cards sleeved.  We wanted to design a box that could be used for any of the current deck-building games out there now.  These games include but are not limited to Flesh and Blood, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! just to name a few. This way if you like to play any of these and wanted do not need a 100+ size card box you could unscrew the bolts take out one of the box leaflets and add the smaller screws to have a whole new box without having to buy one.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and I hope you enjoy our products.  If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, want to leave a comment, or have some ideas for a product.  Please feel free to leave a message down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or are interested in a custom game board.  


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