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Handcrafted wood dice with Bored Dragon logo engraved on top.

About Us

Bored Dragon Woodworking is a family-owned business located in Washington State.  We were established in April of 2022 and specialize in tabletop game accessories made out of different combinations of exotic woods.  Our products range from dice towers, wooden dice, adjustable card boxes that hold 100+ sleeved cards, and score trackers.  The founder has approximately 10+ years of exotic woodworking experience.  Come check out our unique designs and see the passion we put into our products every day. 

Deal of the Day

At Bored Dragon Woodworking, we offer a wide range of deals and discounts to make sure you’ll get all of your favorite gaming accessories as well as new releases, all at a great price. Scroll down to see this week's special offers.


We currently offer one of the only adjustable wooden deck boxes on the market.  Our Dragon Grimoires can hold up to 100+ cards sleeved for any of your card gaming needs.  They can be adjusted down for easy carry capacity to hold 40, 75, and 100 cards.  Come check them out in our shop!

Products We Offer

Find Your Favorite

Bored Dragon Woodworking is known for stocking the best accessories that board gaming has to offer. We currently have exotic wood life counters, dice towers, card boxes, and wooden dice!  Each item is hand-crafted with a combination of colors to bring out the natural beauty of each piece.  Come check out what is available below.


Exotic Wood Dice Towers

Each dragon has their own unique dice tower.  Following their combinations from the life counters along with the grimoires these exotic towers are exactly what you need to enhance your table top experience.  


Full Set of Your Choice of Dragons

All of our Bored Dragon sets are available and can be purchased all at the same time.  Each one of the sets has a dragon grimoire, a dice tower, a set of one solid color dice, a single life counter, and a double life counter.  Come check them out in our shop. Each can be purchased separately as well. 


Exotic Wooden Dice Sets

Each of our dragon dice sets comes with 5 hand-crafted D6 with the numbers 1-5 etched on their sides and the Bored Dragon logo as the number 6.  Dice come in each exotic wood that we offer.  

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Contact Us

2414 9th Ave Milton WA 98354


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